Alduin the World Eater
Status Alive -- NPC
Biographical Information
Age Many thousands of years
Birthdate Early in the First Era
Birthsign Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Residence Skyrim
Alias The World Eater, Destroyer Devour Master, First-Born of Akatosh, God of Destruction
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Physical Information
Race Dragon
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour N/A
Eye Colour Red
Afflictions Extreme Narcissism
Family Information
Mother Unknown
Father Akatosh
Siblings Many dragons
Significant Other (s) N/A
Other N/A
Career Information
Affiliation Dragons
Occupation Nordic God of Destruction
Gear Wings, spikes, fire, shouts.
Player Information
Player NPCed by cptmeatman
Face Claim N/A
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