Welcome to Call of Time. This is a play-by-post roleplay based on the Bethesda franchise, Elder Scrolls, most specifically revolving around the plot of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It takes place in the province of Skyrim and focuses around the events of the civil war and the rise of dragons.

Both original and canon characters are accepted. These characters will have their own impact upon the plot and may even change its course. The board and its owners are not affiliated with Bethesda. Please register your first account with your pen-name; when you apply for a character, you should make an account for your character. This is because we have a sub-account feature. See here for more.

  • Call of Time: an Elder Scrolls V Skyrim roleplay: The forum index.
  • IRC: A place where we can all chat, provided your computer can handle it.

Important Information

  • Rules: The rules for the forum, the roleplay, the wiki, and the IRC.
  • Staff: Learn about the staff team.
  • Who Plays Who: The people behind the characters, and their character lists.

Character Creation

  • Creating Your Character: A guide on character creation, for both canons and originals.
  • Races: Descriptions of the playable, restricted, and non-playable races.
  • Birthsigns: The constellations that characters are born under.
  • Factions: Various joinable factions.



  • Summary: A list of past plots in order, and a summary of what transpired in them.
  • Calendar: The calendar of Nirn, and a list of roleplay threads by occurance.
  • Current Events: Things that happen in Skyrim which might or might not have an effect on the area or characters in the area.

The World

  • Tamriel and Nirn: Brief information on the continent, its nations/provinces, and the planet it exists on.
  • Timeline: A timeline of past events on Tamriel.
  • Religion: Information on the Divines, the Daedra, and other deities.
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